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Kanji and Vocabulary

Basic Japanese Conversation

Japanese conversation introduce yourself

Introducing yourself

Nail the basics of self-introduction in Japanese conversations

Japanese conversation hobbies


Discuss your interests with ease

Japanese conversation weather

What is the weather like?

Learn Japanese phrases for weather-related conversations

Japanese conversation how are you

Asking How Someone Is

Inquire about someone's well-being

Japanese conversation order at restaurant

Order at a restaurant

Master Japanese restaurant etiquette and ordering expressions

Japanese conversation go shopping

Go shopping

Explore essential Japanese phrases for shopping interactions

Japanese conversation ask for help

Ask for help

Gain confidence in seeking assistance in Japanese

Japanese conversation first date

First date

Navigate a first date conversation in Japanese with finesse.

Japanese conversation food

I like sushi

Express preferences using Japanese language skills

Japanese conversation activities

What are we doing today?

Plan activities for the day

Japanese conversation directions

Basic Directions

Learn essential navigation phrases

Learning Japanese conversation can be both fun and rewarding. If you're a beginner, starting with some basic Japanese phrases can make a huge difference. MochiKanji provides "100 Basic Japanese Phrases for beginners" to help you get started. Here's why learning simple Japanese conversation is beneficial and some useful phrases to begin with.

Make a good first impression

When you meet someone from Japan, using even a few Japanese words can leave a positive impression. It shows that you respect their culture and are willing to make an effort to communicate. For example, greeting someone with "こんにちは" (Konnichiwa - Hello) is a simple yet powerful way to show respect.

Build connections easily

Knowing basic phrases helps you connect with Japanese people more easily. Simple phrases like 'ありがとう' (Arigatou - Thank you) and 'すみません' (Sumimasen - Excuse me) can help in everyday interactions, whether you are shopping, eating out, or asking for directions. These small efforts can make people feel appreciated and more willing to help you.

Enhance your travel experience

Traveling in Japan becomes much smoother when you know basic conversation phrases. Asking "トイレはどこですか?" (Toire wa doko desu ka? - Where is the bathroom?) or "この電車は東京に行きますか?" (Kono densha wa Tokyo ni ikimasu ka? - Does this train go to Tokyo?) can be incredibly useful. You'll find that many locals appreciate your effort to speak their language, even if it's just a few words.

Boost confidence

Learning basic Japanese conversation gives you confidence. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel using the language. Simple exchanges like "お元気ですか?" (Ogenki desu ka? - How are you?) and responding with "元気です" (Genki desu - I'm fine) can build your speaking skills and boost your confidence.

Learning basic Japanese conversation is a great way to start your language journey. It helps you connect with people, enhances your travel experience, and boosts your confidence. Plus, it's a wonderful way to show respect for Japanese culture. MochiKanji provides 100+ Japanese phrases for beginners, the most common phrases you can use in daily Japanese conversation. Supported by the cute characters Mochi and Michi, you will memorize Japanese phrases fast and easily gain confidence in real-life situations such us ordering foods, chatting with Japanese friends... So, why not start practicing these simple phrases today? You'll be amazed at how much they can enrich your interactions and experiences.