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Memorize 1000 Kanji in 1 month

Memorize 1000 Kanji in 1 month

Learn Kanji by Spaced Repetition system

Memorize more effectively with “Golden Time”

Based on SRS (Spaced Repetition system), MochiKanji analyzes your learning history and reminds you to review Kanji at “Golden time” - the moment right before you forget Kanji and vocabulary. Learning at Golden Time helps you memorize 1000 Kanji in 1 month. Start learning your first Kanji now to activate the feature.

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Acquire 7500+ Words & Kanji

Over 7500 Kanji and words are divided into small topics and different needs, from the JLPT N5 - N2 vocabulary to other work fields such as IT, Nursing, Service,... Thanks to the variety of courses and lessons, combined with “Golden time”, you can learn Kanji and Japanese words effectively with MochiKanji. Choose a course that meets your purpose and learn new words now!

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MochiKanji covers 7500 Kanjis and words
Write Kanji step-by-step easily

Learn Kanji better with multiple Writing games

Kanji Writing course is designed for those who want to practice Kanji for beginners with stroke orders. This course includes basic to advanced Kanji characters in different JLPT levels. Each Kanji has multiple step-by-step writing games that help you to become familiar with and recognize Kanji more easily. To begin with, practice the most common Kanji now!

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Practice daily conversationswith Mochi & Michi

Designed to make Japanese learning enjoyable and effective, MochiKanji offers daily conversation with two cute characters Mochi & Michi to help learners gain more input and increase their reflexes in Japanese communications. It is recommended to learn some basic Kanji and words before starting your first conversation.

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